Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

CBFA warns against Capitalium Europe SA, Capitalium Consult SCRL and Capitalium SPRL

The Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (CBFA) warns the public against the insurance intermediation activities carried out by Capitalium Europe SA and Capitalium Consult SCRL, and against any proposals for investment services made by these firms. The two firms are located at the following address : route de Genval 32, 1380 Ohain.

Capitalium Europe SA and Capitalium Consult SCRL are not registered with the CBFA, either as insurance or reinsurance intermediaries or as intermediaries in banking and investment services, and do not have the authorization in Belgium necessary to offer investment services in or from Belgium.

The CBFA thus advises the public against responding to any offers of insurance and/or investment services made in the name of Capitalium Europe SA or Capitalium Consult SCRL and against transferring money to any account number these firms might mention.

The firm Capitalium SPRL, route de Genval 32, 1380 Ohain, is registered with the CBFA as an insurance broker, CBFA number 102676 A. This registration has been suspended by the CBFA. The suspension of the registration involves a temporary prohibition to pursue activities of insurance mediation.

Anyone wishing more generally to enquire as to the regularity of any transaction proposed can find further information on the “Consumer Protection” page of the CBFA web site ( or by contacting the “Protection of Consumers of Financial Services” Department (telephone: +32 2 220 59 10; email address:

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