Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

AFM warns against Surin Financing (PBBC)

The AFM issues a warning against PBBC Finance, also trading under the name Mali Amoh Finance, Mali Amoh and Surin Financing (PBBC) The AFM suspects that one and the same (legal) person/organisation is behind the abovementioned parties.

The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) warns consumers not to enter into loan offers made by the abovementioned providers. The AFM suspects that this provider has provided or continues to provide investment services in the Netherlands, without possessing a licence from the AFM to do so nor has it been granted an exemption. The AFM received reports from consumers that they received offers via PBBC to take out a loan. Offering credit in the Netherlands without having a license or having been granted an exemption, constitutes a violation of Article 2:60 of the Act on Financial Supervision.

The abovementioned party makes use of the following contact details when offering credit:
Fax numbers:
087-7849578 and, 0704-00768.
Email addresses:
Arie Toet, Jeanine Russ, Chason Leever, Roger F. Hue.

The AFM advises consumers, who wish to do business with an institution or person, to check the relevant register on the AFM's website to verify whether the relevant institution or person is registered and is authorized to offer credit in the Netherlands. The AFM also urgently advises consumers to consult the warnings list prior to concluding a loan agreement with a party. It is inadvisable to pay an insurance contribution before the consumer has received the offered loan. The AFM advises consumers to be extra vigilant when it concerns institutions or persons that make use of email addresses that can be generated free of charge, such as Gmail, lavabit and hotmail, as well as in the case of institutions or persons that make use of toll-free fax numbers, which often start with the numbers '084' or '087'.

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